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Mediation is a resource to make your legal life easier.

Is your caseload overwhelming? Are you feeling pressure from clients for results, for guarantees?

As attorneys we all feel the pressure from time to time to have answers to everything. We also know there are no guarantees to a litigation. Each case will unfold in its own way. Mediation offers the most control over the outcome. It is an alternative to working months, or years, just to sit on pins and needles waiting for a ruling. Through mediation, we will work together for a signed settlement that day.

Customized Services

We trust attorneys to know their client, the case and the needs of the attorneys and clients, and we honor your expertise by listening. For attorneys newer to mediation as a solution, we will ask you key questions to establish a successful process.

Our mediation services are flexible to be customized to your needs. Location, format, and special accommodations are available to make your life easier.
Our office can ease the administrative burden by coordinating the logistics for all parties to participate in the mediation.

Agriculture Expertise

Agriculture-related disputes require a mediator who understands both the agricultural community and the relevant laws. With a teaching philosophy, Candace will work with you during the mediation process to understand any of those unique considerations necessary to settle the case.

Opportunities are missed when the industry is not understood. Having a mediator well versed in agriculture-related laws, the community and industry trends allows more creative solutions that fit the parties in an expedited process.

New to Mediation?

Our office is here to answer questions regarding the process, including basic questions, and references to good resources are available. We want to empower you to feel comfortable in your first mediation.

Knowledge is Power

Success requires knowledge beyond law school and typical continuing education. We benefit individually and as a profession when we share resources and knowledge.

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