Agriculture-Related Mediation

Agriculture-related disputes require a mediator who understands both the agricultural community and the relevant laws.

Candace regularly works with farm operations, family farms, landowners, farmers and agri-business.  She understands the unique considerations that go into resolving a dispute involving agricultural, business, and relationship considerations

Photo Credit – Jake Bickel

Don’t be a Hatfield or McCoy

Farmers, agri-businesses, and the ag community are inextricably linked. When there is a disagreement, this inter-connection becomes difficult. Unlike in a typical car accident case, where you may never see the bad driver again, in the ag community you are likely to run in the same circles, cross paths or need to work together again.

Mediation as a collaborative process enables you to repair relationships and reach a positive resolution to your dispute. (For the pessimists, it is at least a step towards to a less destructive solution.)

The outcome of your ag-related dispute can have long-term consequences for your family and business. Mediation gives you more control over that future.


Keep your disputes private through Mediation. Enjoy your coffee without worrying about a lengthy lawsuit dominating conversation. Mediation is a private and confidential process.

Family Disputes

Disputes over family farming operations, or land passed down through generations, are best settled privately by the family rather than decided by a judge.  Mediation is an excellent way to work through these issues collaboratively to preserve legacy while allowing separation of parties when necessary.

Mediation is available for all ag-related disputes, including:


Farm & Other Leases
Livestock Sales
Grain Contracts
Equipment Agreements & Use
Chemical Application


Joint Ownership
Division of Property
Boundary Lines


Equity & Ownership
Non-Compete Restrictions
Asset Ownership
Contracts and Leases
Unpaid Invoices