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Have you felt the frustration of endless rescheduling, mounting legal fees, numerous requests for information, depositions or other time commitments while waiting for a court resolution?

Regardless of how excellent an attorney is, many aspects of the court process are beyond the control of the attorney, the client, or both.

Cap Time & Expense

During the court process, the client loses precious time that is better spent on their life and business. More importantly, the looming uncertainty of a trial is the end game of all this time and expense. Being “right” doesn’t always mean you “win” or are compensated as expected.

A successful mediation limits the duration and cost of the dispute and removes the uncertainty of a trial. Through this process of problem solving, legal disputes are settled out of court, in a way that satisfies all parties. The mediator, as an impartial third party skilled in conflict resolution, facilitates this process.

Bridge the Gap

Mediation allows each party to be heard and their concerns specifically considered. Solutions that are unavailable through the judicial process are available through the parties’ agreement. The right resolution is frequently found between the bright lines of the judicial process and can be reached by the parties through choice, creativity and a bit of effort.

Let Mediation bridge the gap between where you are and where you need to be.

Mediation can begin at any point during a dispute.  From the first signs of discord within your business or family, to the depths of a protracted court battle.


If you have a conflict that you want to resolve outside of court, we can help you reach a resolution, without having to go to court.

During Suit

If you’re already embroiled in a legal dispute and have decided mediation is an option for you, we can work with the parties after your case has been filed and still settle it before a trial.

Mediation Types

Candace is available to mediate all civil cases, with an emphasis on:

* Our office does not mediate family law, divorce, or custody matters.

Candace D. Armstrong

Candace has nearly two decades of experience working with a wide range of clients, industries, legal projects and disputes. Her legal practice has focused on assisting businesses and individuals with customized structures and solutions. Candace now has a plethora of options to consider as she frequently collaborates to “think outside the box.”

You can read more about Candace’s background as a mediator and attorney.

Three Ways to Mediate

Mediation is available throughout Indiana in a format and location that works for you.

In Our Office

A neutral atmosphere in person at our Brook, Indiana Office, conveniently located along the I-65 area between Merrillville and Lafayette.

Online – Zoom

Mediation can take place over a secure and confidential video conference platform such as Zoom. Each party and their legal counsel will have their own separate breakout room.

Travel – Indiana

Candace will travel to locations within Indiana as agreed to by the parties. The desired location will generally be a neutral facility and agreed by the parties.

Do You Already Have An Attorney?


Individuals and businesses interested in resolving a conflict by mediation are encouraged to speak with their trusted legal advisor.

Attorneys regularly identify cases that would benefit from mediation. Judges often refer cases out to mediation. In these cases, the attorney will contact our office directly.


If you are interested in mediation, but do not have an attorney, please contact our office directly to see if mediation is right for you.

Please note, the legal system has strict deadlines for resolving matters through the judicial system. It is critical not to put-off seeking personal representation in a matter. To protect your rights, you may need to file a lawsuit before a mediation can be scheduled

Mediation Process


We answer any questions the parties and attorneys have about our process.


We ensure all relevant parties are willing to participate.


We determine whether the parties want to mediate in person, via Zoom or both. If in person, whether at our office or a different location.


We coordinate schedules and availability of the parties.


We request, and then review, a summary of the matter and relevant information prior to the mediation.


We mediate jointly with all parties participating on the same day and time.


We document any settlement agreement reached.


We follow-up with a relevant report to the Court, if necessary.


A second mediation may be scheduled if a settlement is not reached on the first day or there are additional related issues.